2022 in review
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2022 in review

This is a massive thank you to all our Culture Counts users for their hard work and dedication through the challenging year that was 2022! Many of us were in permanent survival mode this year, as we stumbled through our collective experience of opening up, after two years of social distancing and lockdowns.

The new normal is a confounding rollercoaster. In a world of constant change, data helps us make sense of the journey. That belief is clear when looking at the last 12 months of user activity in the Culture Counts Evaluation Platform. In 2022, users have collected 194,586 responses across 1,805 surveys – a record amount since we launched in 2013.

This year, the Culture Counts team did their fair share of heavy lifting too, with some significant highlights including:

  • The RAF Cultural Tourism Accelerator research project, delivered in collaboration with Regional Arts Australia and over 300 participating organisations
  • Commencement of the Creative New Zealand evaluation pilot
  • The delivery of the Birmingham 2022 Festival Commonwealth Games Cultural Programme evaluation project
  • Being announced as an evaluation provider, alongside our UK partner Counting What Counts, for Arts Council England’s Investment Program 2023-26
  • Launching two new features in the Culture Counts Evaluation Platform – Question Bank and inbuilt QR Code generator
  • Publication of the Local Government Benchmark Report FY21/22
  • Introduction of the new PLEN Snapshot Report – a free online report for participants in the Public Libraries Evaluation Network

Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the Culture Counts Evaluation Platform and there are many developments in the pipeline that we are excited to share with you.

From myself and all of us at Culture Counts, wishing you a safe holiday and a happy New Year.

About the author
Michael Chappell is a CEO at Culture Counts.