Aggregate insights

Aggregate insights

One of the benefits of using consistent metrics for evaluation is the ability to aggregate and draw insights from big data. As the Culture Counts event database grows (35,000 responses and counting), we’ll provide periodic updates to members using aggregated anonymised survey data.

Some analysis examples include filtering event quality and impact scores by demographics, by different artform or event type, by location (metropolitan versus regional), or by audience prior experience with the artform. A quick snapshot from 40 Queensland and Victoria events evaluated this year shows that:

  • Females are more likely to attend and assess cultural events, and record higher average scores than male respondents
  • Visual arts were considered riskier on average than festivals, while festivals were more moving and inspiring
  • Contemporary art exhibitions were more successful than contemporary dance at connecting audiences with others in the community
  • The only dimension that scored significantly higher from audiences new to the artform was ‘Distinctiveness: it was different from things I’ve experienced before’ (to be expected), indicating that on average the impact of a piece of work is not dependent on previous experience
  • There were also no significant differences in dimension scores for events in metropolitan and regional locations, indicating that the quality of the work was independent of location or the general level of audience exposure to arts and culture

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About the author
Georgia Moore is a Managing Director (Australia) at Culture Counts.