New charts coming soon to the Culture Counts Dashboard
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New charts coming soon to the Culture Counts Dashboard

At Culture Counts we’re continually looking to improve the user experience for our clients. To help you interpret and gain more insights from your data, we’re adding six new charts to the dashboard. In the reporting tab of your evaluations you will soon be able to see:

  • Stacked level of agreement: showing you which percentage of respondents agree and disagree with each dimension question
  • Dimension scores by gender: comparing average dimension scores for each gender
  • Dimension scores by age: comparing average dimension scores for each age group
  • Self before vs public after results: comparing the expectations of your organisation with the opinion of the public
  • Self before vs peer after results: comparing your expectations with the experience of your peers
  • Variance: showing differences in scoring to see where your audiences are more likely to agree or disagree

Our development team is hard at work and we look forward to bringing you more great features including survey logic very soon. If you’d like to discuss the new charts and how you can use them, please don’t hesitate to contact us on

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