REMIX Academy Istanbul
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REMIX Academy Istanbul

As an organisation at the intersection of culture, entrepreneurship and technology, Culture Counts is proud to provide evaluation services for REMIX summits.

On 29 March 2018, a special REMIX academy was presented by the British Council in Istanbul. Held at Bomontiada, a historic beer factory converted into a large cultural complex, the event brought together local, national and international innovators from the arts, creative industries, start-ups, brands, policy and digital technology communities.

Sessions considered new paths to audience development, organisational sustainability, how ideas can be developed and scaled, and innovative approaches to content creation and distribution. Speakers included Sarah Ellis, Director of Digital Development, Royal Shakespeare Company; Ros Lawler, Digital Director, Tate; Mark D’Arcy, VP and Chief Creative Officer, Facebook; and Murat Kansu General Manager, Microsoft Turkey.

Culture Counts’ evaluation of the summit captured strong impact scores for attendees, with key outcomes such as:

  • Challenge: It challenged me to think in a different way 
  • Learning: I learned something new 
  • Local Impact: It’s important that it’s happening here
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