Client Stories: Access Arts
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Client Stories: Access Arts

Since 2015, we have had the pleasure of working with Access Arts to measure the difference they make to the lives of participants, their families, and the wider community. 

In our new film, we explore how the evaluation process gives Access Arts powerful evidence to show their impact, and offers valuable learnings to ensure the organisation is providing maximum value to its members.

A small organisation with a big impact, Access Arts supports artists with a disability to foster successful careers in the arts. Their work is widely recognised, and artists excel across art forms. Access Arts delivers:

  • Community Arts Workshops for people of all abilities to encourage artistic expression across various art forms
  • Professional Development Workshops for experienced actors, dedicated photographers and visual artists
  • Public Performances and Exhibitions that enable the community to experience high quality and impactful artwork from artists of different abilities 

Watch to hear from Chief Executive Pat Swell, and Project Coordinator Tim Brown, about how evaluation helps them to better understand their mission and reflect on the cultural and social outcomes of their work.