Perth International Jazz Festival
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Perth International Jazz Festival

The Perth International Jazz Festival (PIJF) celebrates jazz in its many forms and contributes to Western Australia’s growing reputation as an arts and culture destination.

Embracing innovative programming, artistic excellence and collaborative partnerships, PIJF engages with local, domestic, and international artists to produce high-quality jazz experiences in Perth and regional Western Australia.

“Culture Counts empowers us to present a narrative beyond statistics, emphasising our arts organisation’s impact.”
Georgie Holst, Festival Producer
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PIJF partnered with Culture Counts to evaluate the success of their 2023 program, and to produce tailored reports demonstrating the festival’s strategic achievements and overall impact to specific stakeholders.


The evaluation process adopted a comprehensive approach, involving surveys of both the general public and the artists participating in the festival. These surveys were disseminated through a mix of channels including QR Codes and digital online surveys, ensuring a broad and diverse range of responses.

In response to stakeholder requirements, three tailored Online Insight Reports were developed. These reports are designed to provide insight into community feedback and help establish measurable benchmarks. They also focused on assessing outcome performance, determining the benefits derived from the festival, and extracting insights for future improvements and learnings.


Culture Counts spoke to PIJF Festival Producer, Georgie Holst, about how the evaluation has helped refine the festival’s communications in effectively conveying its unique value.

“Implementing Culture Counts for our festival events has significantly boosted our confidence in engaging potential supporters, donors, and partners. Outsourcing data analysis and reporting provides an ‘arms length’ approach, allowing us to rely on authentic findings.

The user-friendly reports generated by Culture Counts serve as an excellent communication tool that demonstrates our festival’s impact and highlights our vital role in the Australian arts landscape.

Culture Counts empowers us to present a narrative beyond statistics, emphasising our arts organisation’s impact. This strategic use of data streamlines engagement efforts and reinforces our standing within the arts community, fostering crucial connections and partnerships for the continued success of our festival.”

Ms Holst emphasised the significance of the insights gained from the reports, highlighting their role in shaping the festival’s future decision-making processes.

“The invaluable insights derived from the report significantly contribute to the enhancement of PIJF. By assessing the festival’s strengths and identifying areas for improvement, the report serves as a compass for our programming and planning stages.

Continuously referencing the report enables us to refine our audience and artist offerings year on year, ensuring a dynamic and engaging experience. Moreover, the findings play a pivotal role in shaping our marketing strategies, and providing data-driven direction.

This process, guided by the report, not only refines the festival’s overall quality but also ensures that our marketing efforts aligns with the evolving needs and preferences of our audience and artists.”

Ms Holst elaborated on how the report has been instrumental in acquittal reporting, emphasising the value of partnering with Culture Counts for enhanced credibility with stakeholders.

“The report serves as a crucial asset during our acquittal reporting to key stakeholders. Leveraging Culture Counts, a highly regarded evaluation authority, reinforces our commitment to transparency and excellence and enhances our credibility with funding partners. This strategic approach not only validates the impact of our initiatives but also fosters a high level of transparency, strengthening our professional relationships with funders.

The inclusion of Culture Counts underscores our dedication to rigorous assessment, instilling confidence in our stakeholders and strengthening our partnerships in the dynamic landscape of arts and culture.”

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