City of Melbourne
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City of Melbourne

Webinar: Best-Practice Evaluation for Local Government

Watch back this webinar in which Culture Counts CEO Michael Chappell sat down with Holly Barker, Event Partnerships Team Leader at the City of Melbourne, to talk about the department’s evaluation strategy.  

The webinar covered:

  • How the City of Melbourne Events Partnership team has used an overarching evaluation strategy to understand the value of their investment in diverse cultural programs. 
  • How local governments can link their evaluation strategy to their strategic goals to generate relevant and useful data.
  • How to use data for internal reflection, advocacy, external reporting and making funding decisions.

The conversation is designed to provide insight for local government officers from arts and cultural programs, events, community engagement, audience development, economic development, strategic partnerships, investment programs and marketing departments.    

This session was the first in a series of free educational webinars produced by Culture Counts. To stay informed about future webinars like us on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.