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Event Templates

Event Templates are a great way to help you efficiently capture and analyse data from your library events and activities. They are commonly-evaluated activity surveys with standard questions and metrics that align to our best-practise survey structure.

Note: These templates are different from PLEN Survey Templates and do not contribute to the data collected in the PLEN Dashboard or PLEN Annual Report.

Currently, there are seven event templates to choose from. Users can select from a list of activity types and then tailor the survey to their needs:

  • Performance: Evaluate audience outcomes for performances.
  • Workshop & Programs: Collect feedback on learning and skill development programs.
  • Community Facility: Ideal for capturing feedback about community spaces.
  • Place Activation: Measure the success of site-specific activations and events.
  • Family Event: Useful for family-oriented events and participant groups.
  • Online/Digital Event: Geared towards capturing insights on virtual events and experiences.
  • General Event: A versatile template suitable for any event evaluation.

For more information about Event Templates, visit the Culture Counts Evaluation Platform Support Hub.

Event Templates

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