Public Libraries Evaluation Network Hub


The Public Libraries Evaluation Network survey templates enable libraries to collect standardised data from internal and external stakeholders and across key outcome areas. This enables libraries to make direct comparisons of their findings with each other and benchmark against sector trends.

The templates are designed to collect two types of feedback – public (library users, community and visitors) and internal (staff, council members and other library branches).

Public feedback

Libraries involved in the network collect feedback on library use, performance, personal and community outcomes from public users of the library. This feedback is collected through a short standardised online survey (~4 minutes) that the library can email to its member database, link to on internal computers, deliver to library users via an iPad or tablet device, or encourage users to complete on their own smart devices.

Internal feedback

Library staff (self-assessors) and external peer assessors (such as council members or library staff from another library) are also able to reflect on the library service using the same standard outcome measures. This can help the library to identify where its views and expectations are aligned or different to those of the community.

A representative of the library also completes an additional survey for the annual period containing library lending, staff and expenditure statistics.

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