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Dimension Outcomes Insights

The Dimensions Outcome Insights demonstrate the role of the library and the value it generates for the communities it serves.


Outcomes assessment provides evidence of the impact that library services have for people’s lives and the value that this adds to personal, community and economic well-being. Library users (public), library staff (self), and selected peers are asked if they agree or disagree with a statement relating to their experience of the library services across 11 key outcome areas (dimensions). The results help libraries to compare and understand their impact, use learnings to improve and gain evidence to advocate for support.

Example survey question
Example Dimension Outcome survey question
Example PLEN Dashboard insight
Example PLEN Dashboard insight – Library Use and Outcomes ‘Learning’
Example reporting use-cases
  • View trends across all libraries in the network, or across states or regions
  • View year-on-year comparisons of library use and engagement with facilities and services
  • Show how outcome areas impact different demographic or community groups
  • View the impact of library events, programs and services
  • Explore links between library awareness, use and outcomes

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