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Library Outcomes Survey (Self Assessors)

The Library Outcomes Survey (Self Assessors) can be sent to library staff and will enable internal perceptions of performance to be compared against external perceptions of performance. Using the same outcome measures can help the library to identify where its views and expectations are aligned or different to those of the community. 

Example Self Assessors survey

Best used for
To measure how your library’s expectations and goals align with public outcomes

Internal staff

Data collected
The survey asks for internal expectations and perceptions of the frequency of visitation, program attendance, facility usage, and outcomes generated for public users. The survey includes the same questions as the Library Use and Outcomes Survey to enable a comparison of internal expectations with public perception.

Distribution frequency
We recommend you conduct this survey once annually, and can occur in conjunction with the Peer Assessor Survey and Library Use and Outcomes Survey.

On the PLEN Dashboard, you can view the insights here. You can also view the insights (anonymised) in the annual PLEN reports.

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